Introducing Insta.Bible

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7 Responses to Introducing Insta.Bible

  1. Sandy Patterson says:

    We have an Education platform to provide all students with educatiinal tools freemof their normal costs. We also have planned a Individual church site to work in conjunction with the school site that is geared to put the Word in front of all, kids not just the ‘churched’
    We have met with a Deputy Dir of the US Dept of ED plus Faith Based and Community Initiative as well.
    Maybe you would want to talk?

    • says:

      Sure Sandy! Send a DM and let’s talk! 😉

      • Sandy Patterson says:

        I never got your reply! It’s been 2 yrs.
        I just sent something to Scott Wennermark and saw you again and then I saw u reaponded.
        I have had the DOEd’s Faith Based Diector commit to helping me and I am working with Al Governor Ivey’s ED Policy Advisor. 205.966.1068

  2. This is an amazing idea but so very simple to understand. Put God’s Word where the young people live! Can I use the graphics on my blog?

  3. Phill says:

    Just discovered this site – Great Idea! – I was trying to do a search but it doesn’t seem to be working. Also, the menu on the top left isn’t working either. Any suggestions? Thanks

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